Geromics Inc. is a bioinformatics company for providing analyses services, computer servers, and genome information services.

Geromics Technologies

Bio Information Analysis Technology

· Whole genome, exome, transcriptome analyses
· De novo analysis
· Cancer mutation analysis
· Human variation analysis

Bioinformatics Pipeline Technology

· Genome analysis Pipeline
· Metabolome analysis Pipeline
· Proteomic analysis Pipeline
· Cell organnelle analysis Pipeline

Measurement and molecular diagnostic technology

· Genetic disease variation analysis
· GWAS analysis, Biological aging assay
· Non-invasive prenatal test, NIPT
· Disease associated genetic test

Bioinformatics for diagnostic assays

· Genome sequencing
· Gene expression analysis
· Genome editing Technology

Healthcare Services Technology

· Cancer and underlying disease assay technology
· Disease risk factor prediction
· Gene to physical phenotype association analysis

Bio Big Data Super-computer Technology

· Operating system for biology
· Bio computer cluster construction
· Automated Bioinformation analysis solution
· Specialized storage for genome data

Major Publication

Publication List

Tiger reference genome project

Nature Communications, 2013

Whale reference genome project

Nature Genetics, 2013

The first Korean Genome Analysis

Genome Research, 2009

PanAsian SNP project



Scientific Reports, 2013

Korean diffuse gastric cancer genome analysis

Genome Biology, 2014

Vulture genome analysis

Genome Biology, 2015

Ancient African genome analysis

Science, 2015


About Geromics:

Geromics Inc is a global bioinformatics company providing information for
overcoming aging and aging associated diseases.

We provide products and services to eventually cure aging
diseases using bioinformatics and omics technologies.

CEO - Jong Bhak, Ph.D.
  •   USA : 858 200 6504 (San Diego)

Global Headquater

- San Diego CA
  •   858-200-6504
  •  8949 Complex Drive B, San Diego, 92123, CA, USA

Korean Branch

- Ulsan
  •   82-52-217-2568
  •  UNIST 114-dong 806-4, 50, UNIST-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea
- Suwon
  •  82-31-216-9780
  •  Hinity 207, 16, Edu town-ro 106beon-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Business Philosophy

Center for aging research / Curing aging and disease / Global scale commercialization / Genome + IT hub construction
Prediction for disease risk
through genomics /
Assisting drug

Business Philosophy

Personalized medicine
Center for aging research /
Curing aging and disease /
Global commercialization of customized diagnosis and treatment


Genomic Revolution / Curing Aging / Curing Disease
Processing Big Data usng
ICT technologies /
Pipeline Engine development /
Biocomputing business


Genome + IT Bio information hub


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